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6 easy ways to earn your first $1,000 with the MyConstant affiliate program

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If you’re thinking about joining our affiliate program – or have already signed up – now’s the time to start work. Earning $1,000 in your first month is easily done with a bit of planning and a positive attitude. To get you earning the big bucks as soon as possible, we’ve put together a few tips below to get those dollars rolling in. 

But first, here’s a quick reminder of the benefits on offer:

You get:

  • $20 for every US citizen you refer who completes KYC.
  • 20% of their Flex interest, compounded and paid every second. 

Your audience gets:

  • $10 dollars for passing KYC using your link.

Refer 50 people and you’ve made your first $1,000 – more when you add in the interest you earn when they invest in Flex. Importantly, there are no commitments, so whether they invest or not you still get paid. Not bad, right?

Start with Social Media 

Here’s a stat to make your eyes water: A whopping 40% of 330 million Twitter users have bought something after seeing it advertised on the platform. Social media is a quick and easy win if you’ve got the followers. And even if you don’t, just use the right hashtags to reach enough people to make it worthwhile.

Twitter’s slightly older demographic is deal for financial topics, but don’t stop there. Billions of people use social media, so get the message out across different platforms including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Switch your Instagram account to a business one and you’ll also gain access to free analytics and can see how well your posts perform – both of which will help get your message out to a greater number of people. 

Put Up a Banner

Banners are cheap and easy to make and work wonders if you have a website. They’re essentially ads or notification banners that popup on your website when someone visits. Although simple, banners get an even better response than billboards. If only one person signs up, you’re still going to see a return on your investment. 

We don’t put restrictions on banners, so you can happily unleash your creative side by putting together your own one for your blog or landing page. If, however, you simply don’t have the time, we might be able to make one for you. Email Tina from the affiliate team at [email protected] and she’ll discuss collaborative marketing with you. 

Write a Blog Post

Blogging is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. A study by databox found that just under 70% of marketers believe blogging is more effective than it was two years ago – so there’s plenty of reasons to get writing. 

It goes without saying that your content should be informative, friendly, and relevant to your audience. If you’re just getting started, check out our blog post on how to write content people love. Follow that guide and you’ll avoid some the most common blogging errors as well as find tips to engage your audience like never before.  

Make a Video

Video ads are the hot ticket right now and they’re very effective. 70% of marketers state video ads convert more than other forms of content, and people are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than a static banner. Eye-opening statistics like these tell you it’s worth learning how to create video content, especially when you can put these ads on so many different social media platforms, as well as your own site. 

It needs to be said that making videos is easier said than done and it is probably the most difficult thing on the list to do well. However, everyone needs to start somewhere and there are many useful guides for making great videos – like this one. Also, videos don’t have to be super glamorous or filled with special effects – a simple, honest message can often do far more than a flashy cut. 

Email marketing is as essential now as it was decades ago. Better yet, it costs nothing. You might already issue a newsletter, and if so, a paragraph informing your target audience of the benefits of our affiliate program could be a big earner. Just be sure your email list is receptive to promotions and is interested in finance generally otherwise you run the risk of unsubscribes. 

Don’t forget word-of-mouth!

Never neglect the battle-tested marketing technique that is word of mouth. 92% of people trust recommendations from friends or family more than advertising. Word-of-mouth doesn’t necessarily mean speaking to people – you can also use your friends lists on social media and message people instead. If you want to personalize your message but don’t have the time to write to everyone individually, create a template and change the names as you send it out. 

Considering the obvious benefits of our affiliate program, you don’t need to go in with a hard sell. Just stick to the facts, make it interesting, and get the message out to as many people as possible. Then you’ll see just how easy it is to make your first $1,000. 

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