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Showcasing our top MyConstant affiliates in 2020

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As 2020 comes to a close, we want to say thank you to our affiliates and to showcase some of their platforms. 

The founders of these sites hail from different parts of the globe but share a common goal: helping customers invest wisely and grow their money. 

Below is a list of eight of the top-performing affiliate sites and a brief overview of what they’re all about. 

Johnny Lee of Investment Bootcamp:

Johnny Lee is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Investment Bootcamp LCC. Based in Los Angeles, Johnny got his start giving investment seminars to his friends who were tired of working hard and still coming up short financially. 

Now, Johnny is running seminars and teaching clients around the nation how to invest and grow their money wisely. Johnny has also mentioned us in blogs including one discussing the three easy ways to make passive income with crypto. He believes that you don’t have to have a massive following to effectively sell a product to your audience. 

If you’re a newbie investor and want a crash course in how to start, Johnny’s Investment Bootcamp is unmissable! 

Jean Galea:

Jean Galea is a Dad, athlete, entrepreneur, and investor. Based in Barcelona, Spain he runs his website (of the same name) and podcast exploring the ins and outs of investing with a grounded touch.

Jean takes a holistic approach to money management. He believes that it’s a necessary factor to living a great life — but it doesn’t have to be your whole life. He’s written blogs about us and even interviewed our communications manager, Chris Roper, in October of 2020. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, Jean’s website is a terrific place to explore new investment ideas.    

Young and the Invested: 

Riley Young is a San Francisco-based CPA and financial analyst at Google. In his free time, he runs his financial help website, Young and the Invested.

There, Riley discusses new ways to invest, passive forms of income, managing money as well as planning for your retirement — he’s even been featured on Business Insider, Market Watch, and HuffPost.

In August of this year, Riley wrote a review of MyConstant where he praised our platform’s crypto-backed loans and flexible borrowing terms. 

Reily’s site is a great place to start if you want tried-and-tested investment strategies from an established professional. 

Maximizing Money:

Since its founding in 2007, Max Messner’s site, Maximizing Money, has been helping readers get the most value out of credit cards, stock trading services, and of course — investments.

Back in September of 2020, he wrote a detailed review on MyConstant. In it, he explains how he’s been impressed with our ROI’s and the security of using crypto to back all loans.  

Want to learn new ways to stretch your money and maximize the value of your credit cards? If so, then Maximizing Money should be your go-to.


Finny started as a platform to help demystify the complexities of personal finance and to make them easily understood by everyone.

Founded by San Francisco natives — Milan Kovacevic and Chihee Kim — Finny takes a more interactive approach to learning about finance. You can play games and take fun quizzes that cover a range of topics such as investing, managing taxes, credit card scores, and more.

The games and quizzes on Finny are extremely helpful (and accessible)l for green investors who are just beginning their investment journey.

The Working at Home Man:   

As you might suspect by the name of his site, Matthew Thompson works from his home in rural Sweden as an overseas business consultant.

It was this 9-to-5 job that gave him the urge to start a platform to explore everything from passive forms of income, investing, cryptocurrency, and reviews of peer-to-peer lending platforms — including our own. 

Matt is also a strong proponent of living below your means and saving as much money as you can to invest now. 

Matthew’s site is a must-visit if you’re seeking realistic ways to work remotely and explore passive forms of income to support yourself. 

Money’s My Life:

Founded by Tony V. Phan, Money’s My Life is all about living large! 

His site is designed to help people maximize their credit cards, invest better, and make their money work for them. From the time Phan started the site in 2010, it’s grown to review everything from hotel deals to food services, money transfers, and peer-to-peer platforms — including MyConstant. 

If you’re just starting, or an experienced investor looking to get the most out of credit cards, or simply want to know more about hotels and food services, then Money’s My Life is the site to try. 


MoneyMade is an aggregator site geared towards people who are just starting their financial journey.

When you hop onto the platform, you fill out a questionnaire that assesses what kind of investor you are; your risk appetite, and how long you want to invest.

From there, you’re given a list of investment sites that suit your needs. Everything from online real estate investments, bonds, to peer-to-peer lending — MyConstant included — is found on MoneyMade.  
MoneyMade is excellent if you are just starting with investing and want to explore as many different avenues as possible.

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