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Why you might wait a little longer for your money when investing in Loan Originator loans

date June 12, 2020 time 3 min read 401 views

If you’ve just started researching Loan Originator, you probably have lots of questions. One of those – I’m sure – will be why it might take up to 10 working days to receive repayments or withdraw your earnings. In an ideal world, it would be instant. But there are operational reasons why we ask for your patience when investing in Loan Originator and I’ve listed them below.

International transfers are slow

If you’ve ever wired money abroad before, you know how slow and expensive it is. Sometimes it’s quicker to just fly the money there! Since Loan Originator lets you invest in loans in the UK and Europe, we have to transfer your funds internationally – and this takes time. 

Your borrower might be in Western Russia, for example, or England or Latvia or another European country. While we can match you instantly with a borrower, it takes a few business days before your money reaches them and begins earning interest. 

It’s too costly to settle in real-time

Remember how expensive international transfers can be? Imagine doing them for every borrower repayment, no matter how small. In many cases, the transfer fee would exceed the repayment amount! So our loan originators don’t settle repayments as and when they occur. 

Instead, our loan originators follow a weekly settlement plan. In other words, they transfer all borrower repayments in a big batch instead of individually, which is much more efficient. Depending on due dates, this could mean waiting a few extra days before you start earning interest or can withdraw your earnings. 

Sometimes, banks mess up

We’re no fans of the inefficient dinosaur industry that is (most) modern banking. However, it’s ubiquitous, trusted, and keeps things simple between you, us, and the loan originator. Only there might be the odd processing bottleneck that adds a day or two to service times. 

Unfortunately, we have zero control over the processing of international transfers and neither do our loan originators. We must trust the banks to do their job well and try not to lose our heads when they get it wrong. We’ll do everything in our power to speed things up if this happens. 

How long it takes to match, earn, and withdraw

Below is a summary of our Loan Originator service times. These are estimates and in most cases transactions will occur at the faster end of the scale. Please only contact us if you wait longer than these times.


Usually instant. If you’ve chosen an Investment Plan (Auto Invest), your funds will be allocated to relevant borrowers automatically. Otherwise, you’ll match with whomever you choose through our Manual Invest dashboard. In either case, you need the funds available in your account or you won’t be able to invest. 

Start earning interest

3-10 working (business) days. We do weekly settlement with our loan originator partners, and we’ll email you as soon as you’ve started earning interest.

Withdraw repayments

3-10 working (business) days after the due date. Some loans offer full or partial repayment on a monthly basis. You’ll receive a repayment schedule and can expect to receive the money up to 10 days after the due date which you can then withdraw from your account or reinvest. 

As you can see, investing in overseas loans involves a bit more patience, but with returns of up to 11% APR, I hope you’ll agree it’s worth it. In the meantime, we’ll work to reduce these processing times through net settlement and other solutions and will let you know when things change. 

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